Friday, April 4, 2008


Pregnancy Pampering Kit - $49.95

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Fig + Sage

Congratulations Pack - value $19.95
1 oz. Birth & Baby Oil1/ 4 oz. Nipple Cream1/ 4 oz. Diaper Rash & Thrush/ 100% Certified Organic Baby T-shirt

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MotherLove Herbal

Women's CAMELBAK Magic - value $64.95

72 oz with zip pockets to hold keys or MP3 player & more

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1422 Monterey Street

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1 HR Massage - value $65
With CMT Maggie Ragatz

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Maggie Ragatz
California Wellness Center

1 Prenatal Office Visit
Exam & Adjustment - value $120

1 Prenatal Supplement - value $60

Donated By:
Molly Stevens D.C
California Wellness Center

Laptop LunchBox System - value $35
Whimsical colors -
The coolest Lunchbox ever!!

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Check out ways to reduce waste in your lunches!
& Laptop Lunches

4 Original Sprout Products - value $94
Hair/Body Wash, Detangler, Mousse, Baby Cream - full sizes

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D'Organiques Original Sprout

Baby's Bliss Complete Gift Pack -value $49
Baby’s Bliss GripeWater Original -2
BabyDerma Cream

Diaper Cream

Donated by:
MOM Enterprises Inc.

Mommy's Bliss Complete Gift Pack - value $93
Morning Sickness Magic Capsules
Pregnancy Heartburn Comfort Tablets
Omega-3 DHA Plus Fish Oil Capsules
Belly Butter
Nipple Cream
Foot Cream

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MOM Enterprises Inc.

HAPPYBELLIES Baby Food - value approx $20
3 7oz cans & 6mo. Tshirt

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