Thursday, April 10, 2008


BOB Revolution 12" AW Stroller
& Diaper Bag - value $438
Same great features as the Bob Revoluton, but with smaller 12" rear wheels- takes up less space and allows you to manuver in tight areas. Weighs 22 pounds

Donated by:
BOB Gear

This item will be Raffled at the fair so anyone has a chance at winning it! Contact us for more information.

Crib Set - value $245.00
Baby Bloom Tan & Vanilla

Donated By:
Hula Kids

Arm's Reach Mini Cosleeper - value $160
Aqua Dot

Donated by Arm's Reach

Deluxe Snuggle Nest - value $50
Color Blue Patchwork

Donated by:
Baby Delight

wagamama baby zabu cushion - value $118

Donated by: wagamama

Fleurville Diaper Bag - value $75
Re-Run Messenger Diaper Bag in Black with Red Interior

Donated by :

Baby Kaed Diaper Bag - value $118
Donated By:
Baby Kaed

Silver Cross Stroller - value $198

Donated by:
Johnson's For Children
New Location !
782 Higuera St. Downtown SLO

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